Shanelle County

Director of Elementary Content, Brilla Schools Network

Shanelle County is director of elementary content for the Brilla Schools Network. She has an undergraduate degree from Boston University and a graduate degree from Hunter College, both in public health. She spent six years with UNICEF managing key components of large initiatives aimed at reducing health disparities and improving educational outcomes in underserved and marginalized populations, specifically in adolescents and children. Shanelle chose to pursue a career in education because, she says, education is public health: educating hundreds of children on a daily basis to ensure that they have the knowledge to make great life decisions will result in a healthier population in the long run. She has been working in education for the last several years, serving as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, and instructional coach, and she takes pride in working with beautiful and intelligent children who are a daily reminder of her younger self. She hopes that in this new role she can impact teachers and leaders through high-quality, comprehensive, informative, and beautiful work.