Aldo Peñafiel

Recruitment Associate

Aldo Peñafiel is a Recruitment Associate for the Brilla Schools Network. He works to find the talented individuals needed to serve the scholars at Brilla and El Camino as teachers and Seton Teaching Fellows. He also assists with the Fellows’ spiritual formation to ensure their service flows from a reservoir of grace and that they have the Gospel ready to share with those who need to be lifted by it the most. Before joining the Seton team, Aldo served as a FOCUS missionary at Boston University, where he entered intentionally into the lives of college students to serve as a mentor and friend. He shared the story of his awakening to the Catholic faith with them and taught them to pray, lead Bible studies, and mentor other students in sharing their faith with their friends. Before serving as a missionary, Aldo worked as a photographer and graphic designer in the Washington, D.C. area where he grew up. He earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design from George Mason University. Aldo has a weak spot for really good questions, eating just a little more than he probably should, and playing games of all kinds.