• 1. What is the Seton Teaching Fellows Program?

    The Seton Teaching Fellows Program is a one-year service commitment in which college graduates teach at El Camino, an optional after-school faith formation program, and serve at Brilla College Prep, a high performing public charter school, and also teach at El Camino, an optional after-school faith formation program. As a Seton Teaching Fellow, you will receive incredible classroom teaching experience, professional mentorship, and spiritual formation, all while living in an intentional faith-based community.

  • 2. Who runs Seton Teaching Fellows?

    Seton Teaching Fellows is run by a faith-inspired non-profit called Seton Education Partners. Seton Education Partners seeks to revive opportunities for underserved children in America to receive a Catholic education that builds knowledge, character, and faith.

  • 3. How do I apply?

    Apply to Seton Teaching Fellows online by clicking here.

  • 4. What is the admissions process?

    The Seton Teaching Fellows application has three initial components: 1)Online Application; 2) Transcripts; and 3) Reference Letters. Once these parts are received, the STF Admissions Team will review your completed application. If you are selected to move to the next round, you will be invited to participate in a phone interview. After you have completed your interview, your application will be considered by our Selections Committee. You will receive notification regarding the committee’s decision on your application status, and if successful, you will be invited to New York City for an on-site interview.

  • 5. What exactly will I do as a Fellow?

    During the day, you will serve at Brilla College Network, a high-performing network of public charter schools in the South Bronx. At Brilla, you will work with elementary or middle school students, sharing your gifts and talents to help them achieve their full potential. In addition, you will also teach a class in the El Camino Faith and Enrichment extended day program, which provides students with a safe, structured, faith-filled, and engaging environment. In your role as a teacher at Brilla and El Camino, you will have an opportunity to grow as an incredible educator while helping your students grow in knowledge and virtue. Seton Teaching Fellows are devoted to ensuring that underserved children make it to college and heaven. We promise that you will never be bored in your role as a fellow!

  • 6. What is the time commitment for Seton Teaching Fellows?

    The Seton Teaching Fellowship is an 11-month-long, full-time service commitment. Service starts the last week of July and ends in late June. Fellows serve full days, Monday through Friday. Throughout the year you may also be required to work on the weekend or evenings at various community events for Brilla and El Camino.

  • 7. Do Seton Teaching Fellows receive training?

    Seton Teaching Fellows begin the year with an orientation retreat, which focuses on building community and sharing faith experiences with one another. This is followed by three weeks of on-boarding at Brilla College Prep, an intensive period of mandatory training and professional development. Throughout the year, Seton Teaching Fellows receive ongoing training to improve their service, learn new skills and be the best educators they can be.

  • 8. Where do Seton Teaching Fellows serve?

    Seton Teaching Fellows serve in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx at either an elementary or middle school that serves Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

  • 9. When does the Seton Teaching Fellowship start? When do I need to be in New York?
    Your Seton Teaching Fellowship service will officially begin in August; however, you will need to arrive in New York at the end of July for a retreat and training.
  • 10. Are Seton Teaching Fellows provided with housing?

    Yes, Seton Teaching Fellows are given a modest apartment in the South Bronx, in close proximity to the school. Fellows live together in an intentional faith community, where individuals grow together personally, professionally, and spiritually. 

  • 11. Do I get paid as a Seton Teaching Fellow?

    Yes, you will receive a stipend for the year which will be deposited to you twice a month in equal installments.

  • 12. Is it possible to live on the stipend?

    Yes! Fellows are encouraged to live simply and to share communal costs. At the beginning of the year, fellows work together to create a community covenant that will help everyone to live simply and on a budget with the stipend.

  • 13. Can I work a part-time job while serving with Seton Teaching Fellows?

    No. In order to be most present to your community and your job, we ask that you do not take an additional job.

  • 14. Do Seton Teaching Fellows get vacation or time off?

    Seton Teaching Fellows will follow the Brilla Schools Network calendar and teacher absence policies.

  • 15. Do Seton Teaching Fellows receive health insurance? Can I stay on my parents’ insurance?

    We recommend staying on your family’s insurance if it is an option; however, you can obtain your own insurance through the Catholic Volunteer Network.

  • 16. Do we get a scholarship when we graduate from Seton Teaching Fellows?

    Because Seton Teaching Fellows partners with AmeriCorps, members who complete 1700 hours of service and graduate from the program receive the Eli Segal Education Award, an award of $5,645 to pay off existing loans or pay for future schooling. Here is more information about the Education Award.

  • 17. Can I request loan forbearance while I am serving with Seton Teaching Fellows?

    AmeriCorps members enrolled in an AmeriCorps project are eligible for forbearance of most federally-backed student loans. For other types of student loans, ask your loan holder if your AmeriCorps service qualifies you for a deferment or forbearance. You will have the opportunity to request forbearance only once you have begun service and are fully enrolled in AmeriCorps, typically by mid-September. Here is more information about loans.

  • 18. Do you accept all majors, even those with no experience in education?
    We do! You don’t need any coursework in education or formal experience teaching, just a passion for working with children and a strong belief that every child can learn and grow in virtue. Volunteers with a variety of backgrounds will only enhance our program.
  • 19. What if I am finishing up my degree this summer? Or taking an online course?
    As long as you’re done with your school by the end of July, you are eligible to join next year’s cohort. The first few weeks of the fellowship are packed full between your retreat and the mandatory professional development training. Both experiences are essential to ensuring that you are completely ready for the start of the school year; thus, it is absolutely necessary to be fully present from the start.
  • 20. Do you cover relocation expenses?

    We provide two plane tickets (up to $500 each) to get you to and from New York City at the start and end of the year. We also provide a round-trip flight (up to $750) over Christmas break.

  • 21. Do you only accept newly graduated individuals?

    No. As long as you’re committed to a year of service and living simply in community, we invite you to apply. Because you live in a community with other Seton Teaching Fellows, we cannot accept married individuals or those with any dependents.

  • 22. What if I just received a Master’s degree—is this program still appropriate for me?
    Seton Teaching Fellows accepts students with various degrees; however, your pay will be unchanged regardless of the degree or the experience that you bring. The priority for the year is to serve the children at Brilla and El Camino. As long as you are prepared for this experience, we invite you to apply.
  • 23. I am a non-traditional recent grad who’s older than most recent college grads. Is this program still appropriate for me?
    Seton Teaching Fellows welcomes all college graduates, regardless of age. We ask you to remember that your volunteer stipend will remain unchanged, regardless of your age or prior experiences. If the call is there, we invite you to apply!