Key Design Features

Seton recognizes that the greatest “innovation” needed in schooling today is actually a return to the traditional, in terms of both curricula and non-academic goals. Yet there are uses of technology that could be applied to achieve better educational outcomes, home/school communication, and finance. As Brilla College Prep did, new Seton schools will draw on lessons from our Blended Learning Initiative that has seen superior results in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia schools. Brilla College Prep has demonstrated the academic excellence and greater economic efficiency that comes with this leading-edge approach to learning. In addition to our blended learning model, other school design features include:

  • Smart start – Start with kindergarten and 1st grade in year 1, then grow a grade level each year.
  • Power to lead – A leader is an entrepreneur who has demonstrated teaching success with underserved students and is given the authority to build the team and culture, manage the budget, and is held accountable for results.
  • Strong parent involvement – All Seton schools will honor parents as the first educators of their children. Seton schools will implement a Commitment to Excellence, workshops four times per year, and many in-school and out-of-school opportunities for parents to be involved.

Seton is committed to future growth both inside and outside of New York City, and will continue to seek ways to expand opportunities for underserved children to achieve a character-building and academically-excellent education. If successful in New York, we are confident our model can be replicated across the country with the same high degree of success that Brilla College Prep has shown in its early years.

Help Launch More Schools of Virtue

Seton Education Partners seeks mission-driven, results-oriented leaders to participate in a yearlong training program to prepare for launching and leading a new urban school of excellence in New York City. We are looking for dynamic educators who have achieved strong academic results with their students and want to dramatically increase their reach. We seek motivated entrepreneurs who want to start a school from the ground up—a school that helps underserved children develop the virtue, knowledge, and skills necessary to earn a college degree and pursue lives of value, faith, and integrity. Find out more about the Brilla School Leader Fellowship, and other opportunities to help grow a new network of urban schools of virtue.