Charter School Initiative

In 2013, Seton launched Brilla College Prep Charter School in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx. Brilla, which means “shine” in Spanish, has achieved academic growth results that match or beat the most acclaimed charter schools. Seton now seeks to take these remarkable achievements to scale by helping to launch and manage a network of schools like Brilla to ensure that thousands of underserved children have access to an academically superior and character-building education. This network will serve as a national model for other cities that face the shuttering of Catholic schools so they too can continue to serve the poor. With a focus on results, Seton is committed to ensuring that children develop the knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary to earn a college degree and pursue lives of value, faith, and integrity.

About Brilla College Prep

Brilla College Preparatory Charter School opened its doors in August of 2013 with 200 kindergarten and first-graders in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx, in the nation’s poorest congressional district. More than 80% of students qualify for the federal meals program; roughly 72% are Latino, 24% are African American, and 4% are multi-ethnic. Brilla College Prep helped scholars achieve truly outstanding academic growth results. Below are some of Brilla’s impressive early achievements:

  • 68% of students made 1+ year of academic progress in reading on the nationally-normed NWEA MAP test (compared to the national average of 50% on same assessment)
  • 67% of students made 1+ year of academic progress in math (compared to the national average of 50%)
  • 96% attendance (district average: 57%)
  • 4% attrition rate 
  • 100% attendance at all Parent Teacher Conferences 

 There are currently over 1,600 students on the waitlist for Brilla College Prep.

About the Brilla Schools Network

In July 2017, Seton officially became the management organization for the Brilla Schools Network. The Brilla Schools Network, now three schools strong, includes Brilla’s flagship elementary school, serving grades K-4; Brilla’s first middle school, which will serve grades 5-8, and a second elementary school, Brilla Veritas. The Brilla Schools Network team ensures mission integration and alignment among all Brilla schools and provides services related to instruction, data, facilities, operations, talent recruitment, human resources and employment, budgeting and financial reporting, and fundraising. By performing these functions, Seton empowers school leaders to focus primarily on setting a powerful vision for student academic achievement and character development, motivating others to follow that vision, and strategically implementing the school’s mission.

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