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St. Francis School was founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1887 and has been serving the Superior/Saint Clair neighborhood of Cleveland ever since.  Our student body is 99% African-American and 100% of students qualify for the federal meals program.  Over 95% of the students at our school live in poverty.  However, amidst this despair rises a school that has provided a beacon of light for the children of the neighborhood for over 130 years.  With its Peacebuilder Program, state of the art technology, and rigorous curriculum, St. Francis is successful in its mission of working alongside parents to provide a faith-infused Catholic education to our students.  Saint Francis offers counseling to its student with a trauma-informed emphasis.  Following a longstanding tradition of serving the whole child, the staff of St. Francis Catholic School is dedicated to cultivating the values of respect, ownership, attitude, responsible, and service in all students. St. Francis School entered into a partnership with Seton this year to become the first blended learning Catholic grade school in Cleveland. This partnership provides each student with individualized instruction to increase engagement and achievement.

School Values: Respectful, Ownership, Attitude, Responsible, Service
School Motto: Believers. Achievers. Peacemakers.
Grades served: K - 8
Demographics: 96% Poverty; 99% African American, 1 % Hispanic; 100% federal lunch program
Year Established: 1887
Years with Seton: 2

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Rachel Marchand