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Cancer. Just the word can incite fear and heartache during the best of times… and these are not the best of times. Can you imagine the stress of having a loved one with a brain tumor on top of all the turmoil caused by this global pandemic?

Sadly, this difficult situation is the reality for a family with two children enrolled at Romero Academy at Resurrection in Cincinnati, Ohio, Seton’s newest Catholic elementary school. Not only are the children dealing with their father’s urgent health concerns—while not being able to visit him in the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions—this family is struggling to pay monthly bills, given that neither parent can work at this time.

It feels like an impossible situation, but Jesus reassures us that “with God all things are possible.”

And much of the time, God uses us to help close the gap between the impossible and the possible. So will you give this family some #LivingHope during this tremendous trial?

A few days ago, we sent an update about how we will continue deferring all donations to the Family Emergency Fund until May 15, given that the need is still so great. This Romero Academy family is the first family we’ll be supporting in this second phase of the campaign, and all money raised will be used to cover utility bills, groceries, and medical bills.

We hope to raise $2,000 to cover crucial necessities for this family for the next two months. Will you help us reach this goal?

When the mother of the three school-aged children in this household was asked by doctors if she wanted to know how much time she likely had left with her husband, she responded, “I prefer to pray.” 

We ask you, our Seton community, to do the same. Please keep this family in your prayers and consider making a donation that not only keeps the lights on, but provides the light of Living Hope.


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